Camp Haven Training Center is a 40x70 heat/ac rental building fully equipped with obedience, rally and agility equipment which is available for training classes and private rental.

Building Rental Prices:  $20 first hour $10 per hour for each additional consecutive hour

Training Building Schedule

Training Building Calendar Link

Drop In Utility Class

Julie Agosti will be offering a drop in Utility class Tuesday night 5:00 - 7:30 PM. This class will teach Utility level skills including, hand signals, scent discrimination, directed retrieve and directed jumping. Contact Julie at or 412-653-6237 for additional information.

Prerequisites: Dogs must have earned a CD Title and have a reliable retrieve, jumping commands and refined heeling skills.  No basics such as heeling, retrieving or jumping will be covered.

Drop-In Open (CDX Level) Class

Julie will be offering a drop in competition Open (CDX level) class Tuesday nights 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM. Cost is $10.00 per class. Everyone is welcome.  For more information please contact Julie at 412-653-6237.

Prerequisites: Must be trained in basic heeling, sit, down, and come. 

Agility Classes

Agility Classes information - Contact Joanne Kerfonta at or 724-348-5837.

Beginners Agility class $60.00 pre-registration only!        

Advanced Agility Class $50.00 pre-registration only!

Pre-registration only! Classes will be held in five week sessions at the costs listed above. There are NO REFUNDS for handler/dog team missed classes. There will be make up classes due to inclement weather events, power outages, instructor availability, etc.

PrerequisitesBeginners MUST HAVE had at least two sessions of obedience classes and dogs must be at least 10 months old.

Advanced classes are for dog/handler teams that are proficient on agility equipment and intend to compete with their dog(s) at agility trials.

AKC Rally Beginners & Advanced Thru Masters Classes

Beginners & Intermediate/Advanced Rally Classes: These classes will work on how to perform the signs and include course practice.  Drop-ins are allowed if the class has not filled. The cost for this session is $50.00 if paid in full on the first week of class or $10.00 per week.

Prerequisite: Must have an AKC Rally Novice Title or equivalent for Advanced thru Masters Class. For Beginners Class you must know basic obedience commands.

For more information and to register for class contact Lucy at 412-913-4263 or LMCCLOSKEY@LIVE.COM 

See the Training Building Calendar Page for time and dates of classes.

Puppy Kindergarten/AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification

(Puppies 2-6 mos.)

This is the most important class your dog will ever attend. The most common reasons that dogs are surrendered to rescues is lack of training and socialization in the first year of life.   This fun-filled class features ample off-leash socialization and provides a strong foundation in basic training fundamentals.  I keep current in the latest developments in puppy training/behavior, attending numerous classes and seminars in early puppy development and education.  Training behaviors that are covered in this class are:  dealing with puppy biting/nipping; socialization (dogs, people, places, things, sounds, sights, etc.); focus,  resource guarding; teaching your puppy to like handling and gentle restraint (important for fear free veterinary visits; focus and attention (which is important in human/animal bonding; establishing a daily routine; fast-tracking house training/chew training; recalls (coming when called); basics including: sit, down, stay, leave it, touch, wait at doors, etc. ; leash walking (tips on dealing with pulling, not walking, reactiveness); building better responses around distractions; confidence building; preventing common behavior problems; nutrition and exercise; and preparing for adolescence. Puppies must be between 8 weeks and 24 weeks (2-6 months old).     

Instructor - Stephanie Barber, Trick of the Tail Professional Dog Training

Contact info - (412)841-1889, or 

Cost is $120 for a seven (7) week session.

Classes begin at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 9, 2018 through July 28, 2018 (no class July 21, 2018).                                   

NOTE: Students that practice their skills on a daily basis will make the most progress.

   Scent Work

This class will continue showing you and your dog the basics of nose work for fun and future trialing.  You will see how really good your dog's nose is.

Instructor - Lucy McCloskey 

For more info and to register for class contact Lucy at 412-913-4263 or LMCCLOSKEY@LIVE.COM 

Class Info - Cost for this course is $60 for a six (6) week session. See the Training Building Calendar Page for time and dates of classes.

 Teeters and Weaves

This class will teach you and your dog the basics of how to perform the teeter and weaves in such a way that your dog will enjoy performing these exercises. 

Instructor - Lucy McCloskey 

For more info and to register for class contact Lucy at 412-913-4263 or LMCCLOSKEY@LIVE.COM

Class Info -  Cost for this course is $60 for a six (6) week session. See the Training Building Calendar Page for time and dates of classes.

Do More With Your Dog Trick Dog Novice Titling Classes and Stunt Dog Competition Workshop at Camp Haven Kennels, Monongahela, Pennsylvania (all dogs 5 months and up including senior and disabled dogs)

This class is a way to have fun with your dog while teaching obedience.  Teaching tricks is used by many successful professional trainers as it has a direct reflection on success in obedience training.  Teaching tricks establishes a pattern of learning, teaches skills and focus, is a positive method of training, and promotes a bond between the dog and human.  This class is designed to help you teach your dog the skills to get their first Trick Dog Title through Do More With your Dog.  Although the instructors are qualified to evaluate both AKC or Do More With Your Dog, they are also certified as official Stunt Dog Judges.  DMWYD is the world’s premier sanctioning body for the sport of dog tricks.  This class gives you an opportunity, in a small classroom setting to be able to title your dog with DMWYD Novice titles.  Tricks can:  (a) Create a stronger bond between you and your dog; (b) Keep your dog in “working mode: even during stress or excitement; (c) Help diminish undesired behaviors by turning them into useful and helpful behaviors.  These classes are 6-week classes with training on Novice and Open tricks, along with the opportunity to learn about Stunt Dog Competition. A stunt dog show is any live trick dog performance.  In order to enter a Stunt Dog competition, the dog must have a Do More With Your Dog Trick Dog title.  Stunt Dog is a new sport with titles also recognized by the AKC and creates a structured way to work towards live trick dog performances, whether just for your friends and family, around the community or on live T.V.   The cost includes titling fee, title certificate, and ribbon through DMWYD.   We will also accept Senior and/or disabled dogs.  Tricks are a good learning experience for these types of dogs.  Children over 12 are also encouraged to enter this class.  However, only one dog per handler.  

For more info contact: Stephanie Barber, Trick of the Tail Professional Dog Training (412)841-1889, or