Camp Haven Training Center is a 40x70 heat/ac rental building fully equipped with obedience, rally and agility equipment which is available for training classes and private rental.

Building Rental Prices:  $20 first hour $10 per hour for each additional consecutive hour

Training Building Schedule

Training Building Calendar Link


Drop In Utility Class

Julie Agosti will be offering a drop in Utility class Tuesday night 5:00 - 7:30 PM. This class will teach Utility level skills including, hand signals, scent discrimination, directed retrieve and directed jumping. Contact Julie at or 412-653-6237 for additional information.

Prerequisites: Dogs must have earned a CD Title and have a reliable retrieve, jumping commands and refined heeling skills.  No basics such as heeling, retrieving or jumping will be covered.

Drop-In Open (CDX Level) Class

Julie will be offering a drop in competition Open (CDX level) class Tuesday nights 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM. Cost is $10.00 per class. Everyone is welcome.  Contact Julie at or 412-653-6237 for additional information.

Prerequisites: Must be trained in basic heeling, sit, down, and come. 


Basic Dog Obedience Classes

Experienced Instructors:

Toni Yurkovic

Sally Tress


Monday evenings

6 Week Sessions - $80 Introductory Rate

Sessions will alternate between Basic I, Basic II, and Basic III


Basic I Obedience – For dogs who have little or no previous obedience training.  We will cover dog attention, sit, down, stand, stay, come, heel and leave it.

Basic II Obedience – Intended for those who have completed Basic I Obedience and would like to advance to the next level of training.  We will be improving heeling position, dog attention, finishes and figure eights.  We will begin weaning treats.  Dogs will be working in close proximity to one another and learn to stay focused on the handler.  There will be an increase in time and distance on all stays, and distractions will be introduced. 

Basic III Obedience – For those who have completed Basic II Obedience.  We will build on the basic exercises, and dog attention will be enhanced with targeting.  We will be introducing several rally and freestyle exercises.  Handlers will enjoy interesting heeling patterns including having the dog work on both sides, off leash heeling, backups and fronts.

About Us - We have been teaching dog obedience classes for many years.  We have a very down-to-earth positive approach to dog training and try to make learning fun for both dog and handler through various games and exercises.  Daily practice at home is a must. 

Contacts:     Toni Yurkovic - 412-860-7042 –

                        Sally Tress – 724-941-5672 –

Agility Classes

Agility Classes information - Contact Joanne Kerfonta at or 724-348-5837.

Beginners Agility class $60.00 pre-registration only!        

Advanced Agility Class $50.00 pre-registration only!

Pre-registration only! Classes will be held in five week sessions at the costs listed above. There are NO REFUNDS for handler/dog team missed classes. There will be make up classes due to inclement weather events, power outages, instructor availability, etc.

PrerequisitesBeginners MUST HAVE had at least two sessions of obedience classes and dogs must be at least 10 months old.

Advanced classes are for dog/handler teams that are proficient on agility equipment and intend to compete with their dog(s) at agility trials.

Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD) Stunt Dog Trial 11-10-18

For online registration  information go to the website: Do More With Your Dog 

Contact information: Judge Patty Stafford 
and/or Judge Karen Wisler

and/or Judge Stephanie Barber