***We are not currently accepting new clients***

Camp Haven Kennels specializes in bully and large dog breeds. Due to the volume of large dogs we accommodate at our kennel, Camp Haven is concerned that if your pet is sensitive, or new to the kennel environment he/she may not respond well during their stay.

The safety of all dogs who come to stay with us is first and foremost the concern of Camp Haven Kennels. Therefore, we will no longer be able to take any dogs who have anxiety problems.

Our kennels are complete with:

  • Skylights for natural sunlight
  • Indoor and outdoor runs
  • Heat/Air-conditioning
  • Heated concrete floors
  • A country setting, away from major roads & traffic
  • 24 hour country music
  • Calm & safe environment
  • Clean & sanitary facilities
  • Outdoor play areas

Price List

  • $18 for dogs under 40lbs
  • $17 if sharing with a family member
  • $20 for dogs over 40lbs
  • $19 if sharing with a family member
  • Group discounts for 3 or more dogs.